About MosaicoLab

MosaicoLab is responsible for organizing the Mosaic Fest.

For MosaicoLab, the cultural heritage that the Roman mosaic constitutes reveals itself as a rich repository of materials, techniques and figurations in space, in different geographical areas and at different times in history. It is an ancient and simultaneously modern and contemporary art form. It continues to be a magnificent expression of Art today, open to the aesthetic evolution and artistic sensibilities of the present and, certainly, of the future.

In its material dimension, the mosaic reminds us of nature and the landscape. In his imagery, he speaks to us about facts and myths, shapes, geometries, colors and tastes, inhabited spaces, culture and society. As an expression of greater Art, it invites us to discover it, to know it and to experience it.

In terms of heritage, the mosaic is a fundamental cultural resource for the pursuit of intelligent strategies for the sustainable and responsible development of the territory.

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